We are proud of our 2016

"Ophthalmic Optician® of the Year" recipient Barry E. Santini, O.O.


The Society to Advance Opticianry offers a professional designation that indicates that an Optician is college educated. Being an Ophthalmic Optician® shows that an Optician is fully trained and educated in all areas of Opticianry.



We offer a "Candidate Ophthalmic Optician" status at a reduced cost or no cost to current students attending NFOS approved colleges. Also, many of our current O.O.s are available to help other Opticians that are working to earn all the credentials needed to become an Ophthalmic Optician®. Lock in the current requirements now before they are raised in the near future.


Our society believes, if we raise the level of our professions education standards to include a college education in optical science, it will improve the mobility of Ophthalmic Opticians® in our profession.

If you believe as we do, that, formal education is the way to improving the future of Opticians. Then apply to become an Ophthalmic Optician®, before the requirements are raised.  

Use of the registered title "Ophthalmic Optician®" and acronym "O.O." will show the public, your referring doctors, and other Opticians that you are a "college educated Optician" who has met the high standards of the Society to Advance Opticianry. 

Ophthalmic Optician® Credentials

Our list of current Ophthalmic Opticians® includes well-established professionals with excellent reputations. They have achieved the highest level of education offered in our industry. The requirements to become an Ophthalmic Optician®  include a college education in Ophthalmic Optics, certification in both the fitting of contact lenses and dispensing of glasses (Includes earning advanced certification status in some cases).

The title Ophthalmic Optician® is a registered and protected title and the acronym "O.O." may only be used by those who have met all of the requirements necessary to become a Society to Advance Opticians associate. This title was created to help the public, optical industry leaders, and other Opticians identify college educated opticians that have attended NFOS approved colleges or colleges approved by the board of the SAO from non-college educated opticians.   

You will be Listed on a national registry that will be promoted within the optical industry.