We are proud of our 2016

"Ophthalmic Optician® of the Year" recipient Barry E. Santini, O.O.

Ophthalmic Opticians® of the United States of America

The following is a list of the best credentialed Opticians and Candidates to be found in America. They are the college educated Opticians, they have certifications and/or licenses (when required), and they are credentialed in all areas of Opticianry. They are problem solvers and they use their college educations to exhibit critical thinking. They have proven themselves to be the highest qualified and most fully credentialed Opticians in America.

We encourage the public, doctors, and industry leaders to seek out these true optical professionals, as they are the optical industries NEW "vision specialists". Ophthalmic Opticians
® are easy to find, because all you need to do is look for the acronym "O.O." following their names. They are fully credentialed and very proud to have met all the requirements to use the registered title "Ophthalmic Optician®". Our candidate Ophthalmic Opticians have made a commitment to a life time of learning and are excellent potential leaders in the optical industry.

The following is a list of the LEADERS and FUTURE LEADERS of Opticianry in America. Feel free to contact them should you need help from professionals that are college educated and fully credentialed. 

​​Blair, Jr., Thomas (O.O.)                  Avondale Estates, GA    Tblair3@bellsouth.net
Brown, Wm. Grant (O.O.)                Spartanburg, SC             grantbrown@windstream.net
Bruening, John (O.O.)                     Middlefield, OH                john@geaugavision.com
Calhoun Johnson, Michelle (O.O.)  Austin, TX                        info@westlakeoptical.com      
DeGennaro, Edward  (O.O.)           Midlothian, VA                  infocus@comcast.net
Elizalde, Nora  (O.O.)                     Springdale, AR                 grayh2@cox.net
Endo, Amy (O.O.)                           Aiea, HI                           amyendo@aol.com
Ferguson, Roy (O.O.)                     Sevierville, TN                 opticaled@aol.com
Frey, April (O.O.)                             Corsicana, TX                   freyoptics@gmail.com
​Harms, Linda (O.O.)                       Wendell, ID                      opticalbarber@yahoo.com      
Jackowski, Karen (O.O.)                 Saline, MI                          karenjackowski.oam@gmail.com
Johnson, Samuel E. (O.O.)             Austin, TX                       info@visioninstitute.us          
Klomann, Bob (O.O.)                      Rock Falls, IL                   scubaoptics@comcast.net
Pierce, Laurie (O.O.)                       Tampa, FL                        lpierce@hccfl.edu
Price, Donald (O.O.)                       Montgomery, AL              dcdwnprice@msn.com          
Rabb, Alicia (O.O.)                          Lockport, NY                    ​alicia.rabb@gmail.com
​Santini, Barry E. (O.O.)                  Seaford, NY                      besantini@optonline.net  
​Sayers, Maggie (O.O.)                    Fort Pierce, FL                 maggiesayers@att.net
Scott, Wesley (O.O.)                       Columbia, SC                   wss2020@yahoo.com
Stevens, Trent W. (O.O.)                Blacklick, OH                    trentstevens@juno.com  

Stuart, Wesley (O.O.)                     Winterpark, FL                  wstuartLDO@gmail.com
Weaver, Bill (O.O.)                         Cordova, TN                     abomweaver@bellsouth.net
​​Wilson, Aaron (O.O.)                      Cleveland, TN                  pearlecleveland@msn.com         

Wilson, Carrie (O.O.)                      Dalton, GA                        terlinberlin@hotmail.com

Wilson, Mark (O.O.)                        Cleveland, TN                   mark.wilson@juno.com

Gabriela Aguilar (Candidate)            Lotz, FL                            gsau_1@hotmail.com          

Vitelio Almeyda (Candidate)             Aliston, MA                       vitelioan@yahoo.com

Margarite Barthelemy (Candidate)    Meibourne, FL                  margo.barthelemy2010@gmail.com

​Elide Canario (Candidate)                 So. Boston, MA                elidecanario@gmail.com

Amber Dorsey (Candidate)               Corsicana, TX                   xtremeoptics@gmail.com

Amanda Klasen (Candidate)            Cambridge, MA                 arklasen@icloud.com 

Francis Ann Layton (Candidate)       Valdosta, GA                    doodle6378@yahoo.com       

Jacob Lindsey (Candidate)              Utica, KY                            jacob.lindsey@ymail.com

Marte Rosarin (Candidate)              New Brunswick, NJ            marte.rosarin@gmail.com

Hector Santos (Candidate)              Buffalo, NY                         h.robertsantos@gmail.com

Khosay Sharifi (Candidate)              Lynn, MA                           sharifi1821@yahoo.com 

Glenn Wilson (Candidate)               Dallas, TX                          glennsoptique@sbcglobal.net                                  

Andrea Wood (Candidate)               Dearborn, MI                     andreamwood27@gmail.com

Cynthia Chabot (Candidate)            Plano, TX                           opticiancindy@hotmail.com 

​Danielle Shellenbarger (Cand)        Clarkston, GA                     dshellen82@gmail.com

Selena Noel (Candidate)                 Clarkson, GA                      noelsele2004@yahoo.com

Hirut Turie (Candidate)                    Clarkston, GA                     hirutturie@gmail.com

Alexsis Tripp (Candidate)                Clarkston, GA                     alexsistripp@gmail.com

Roslee Ameen (Candidate)             Clarkston, GA                     adinaatia@hotmail.com

Chioma Otolorin (Candidate)           Clarkston, GA                     cotolorin@gmail.com

Jessie LeClair (Candidate)              Clarkston, GA                      jessleclair7@yahoo.com

Joanne Felice (Candidate)              Clarkston, GA                      joannefelice93@gmail.com

Holly Scott (Candidate)                   Clarkston, GA                      hollyfarley@comcast.com

Chad Brown (Candidate)                 Clarkston, GA                     derrell43@gmail.com

Darlene Shinde (Candidate)            Clarkston, GA                     darlene.shinde43@gmail.com

Lire Chantale Joungo (Cand)          Clarkston, GA                      lire.chantal@yahoo.com

Wintana Araya (Candidate)             Clarkston, GA                      wintana.e@yahoo.com

Sarah Fordham (Candidate)            Deerlodge, TN                      sarahf@ecotn.com

Francessca Piedra (Candidate)      Miamie, FL                           piedra.francessca@gmail

Robert Dobynes, Jr (Candidate)     O'Fallon, MO                        rdobynes01@gmail

Bobby Luttrell (Candidate)               Knoxville, TN                       bobby@luttrellseyewear.com

Shannon Hansen (Candidate)         Hayes, VA                           glogirl2013@gmail.com

L. Steven Whitehead (Candidate)    Lake City, FL                      ufalumnus00@gmail.com

Danny Manning (Candidate)             Boston, MA                         manning.danny6@gmail.com

Bryan Lemons (Candidate)               Harriman, TN                      belmons95@gmail.com

Catlin Hall (Candidate)                      Richmond, VI                      crh2503@email.vccs.edu

Chadwick-Sound (Candidate)           Livingston, MN                   arieyecare@gmail.com

Tyronne Wilson (Candidate)             Boston, MA                         bytitkew5@gmail.com

Gislele Soares Crespo (Candidate) Boston, MA                          giselesoarescrespo@gmail.com

Hope Staples (Candidate)                Blackwood, NJ                     hopevstaples@gmail.com

Laura Bantens (Candidate)              Trident College                      ms.muse@yahoo.com

Ashley Morin (Candidate)                 Tampa, FL                             ashleywmorin@gmail.com

Isamery Rodriquez (Candidate)       Tampa, FL                             isameryr@me.com

Ward Delbridge-Moiles (Candidate) Tampa, FL                             wclelbridgemoiles@hawkmail.hccfl.edu

Carmen Once (Candidate)               Goodwin College                   carmenonce@att.net

Frankie Ilog (Candidate)                   Richmond, VA                       fgi21@email.vccs.edu

Andrea Dalton (Candidate)               Prairie City, IA                       akdgmd1@gmail.com

Sierra Slivers (Candidate)                Granada, AZ                         sierra.slivers.51596@gmail.com

Donald Noble (Candidate)                Window Rock, AZ                dnoble3@gmail.com

Genevieve Waquie (Candidate)       Rio Rancho, NM                   waquiegen@yahoo.com

Deon Tom (Candidate)                    Gallop NM                             deontom573715@gmail.com

Nicole Bizahaloni (Candidate)         Pinon, AZ                               bizahaloninicole@yahoo.com

Kennard Tsoi (Candidate)                Albuquerque, NM                  kennardtsoi@gmail.com               

Joseph Sollecitto (Candidate)           Brooklyn, NY                        ridgeboro@aol.com